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About NTRO

The National Transport Research Organisation offers innovative research and practical solutions across all modes of transport - road, rail, ports and airports.

The Future of Movement is here.

 NTRO is developing new knowledge, innovation, standards and specifications in moving people and freight for Australia and New Zealand. 

We offer innovative research and practical solutions to integrate planning, operations and research across all modes of transport including roads, rail, ports and airports.  Developed by the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) in response to the shift towards multi-modality in transport policy and operations, NTRO is working to secure resilience for our national transport future. NTRO is committed to ensuring that new knowledge is used to create world’s best practice across all modes of transport. NTRO pulls together multi-modal transport solutions and helps the sector embrace new technologies and materials, to tackle next generation issues across the sector. Whether it’s road, rail, airports or ports; public, private or active transport; and people or freight, NTRO supports a better mobility future.

A proud history of innovation.

NTRO was developed out of the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB)'s 60+ years of experience in transport research, finding solutions to transport challenges, and knowledge transfer. 

1sst COnference poster
ARRB conducted its first Conference in 1962, and has a rich history in sharing transport knowledge with the industry, government and academia. Six decades later, the NTRO will continue to innovate with its transport conferences, helping the sector embrace new technologies and materials, and tackling next generation issues in road, rail, ports and airports at the NTRO International Tecnnical Conference in 2023. Here's a timeline of ARRB's previous conferences:
  • 1962 - Canberra

    Keynote Speaker: Sir William Glanville (Director of Road Research, DSIR, UK), (delivered by Dr Charlesworth)

    Papers: 80

  • 1964 - Melbourne

    Keynote Speakers: Sir William Glanville (Director of Road Research, DSIR, UK)

    Papers: 78

  • 1966 - Sydney

    Keynote Speakers: Grant Mickle (ED, US Highway Research Board, Vice-Pres, US Automotive Safety Foundation)

    Papers: 84

  • 1968 - Melbourne

    Keynote Speakers: PF Stott (Director, Highways and Transportation, Greater London Council)

    Papers: 111

  • 1970 - Canberra

    Keynote Speakers: Sir Ian Maclennan (MD, BHP Co Ltd), Research and the development of Australia

    Papers: 92

  • 1972 - Canberra

    Keynote Speakers: EH Holmes (Consultant, International Road Federation), Balanced transportation

    Papers: 102

  • 1974 - Adelaide

    Keynote Speakers: Alec Silverleaf, (Director, Transport and Road Research Laboratory, UK) Urban transport

    Papers: 132

  • 1976 - Perth

    Keynote Speakers: William Carey (ED, US Transportation Research Board) & JC Peters (Bureau of Reclamation)

    Papers: 129

  • 1978 - Brisbane

    Keynote Speakers: Gerald Love (R&D, US Federal Highway Administration) Energy, a new dimension in highways

    Papers: 112

  • 1980 - Sydney

    Keynote Speakers: Maurice Milne (President, PIARC), Roads and transportation in a changing world

    Papers: 100

  • 1982 - Melbourne

    Keynote Speakers: Thomas Deen (ED, US Transportation Research Board), Highway research – strategic perspective

    Papers: 110

  • 1984 - Hobart

    Keynote Speakers: Ron Bridle (Head R&D, UK Dept Transport), Accounting for human error

    Papers: 94

  • 1986 - Adelaide

    Keynote Speakers: Prof Matsumoto Koshi (Tokyo University, Japan), Road safety – success and failure in Japan

    Papers: 178

  • 1988 - Canberra

    Keynote Speakers: Don Aitken (Main Roads WA & NAASRA), Australia’s road development

    Papers: 184

  • 1990 - Darwin

    Keynote Speakers: Ted Butcher (President, Interstate Commission), The future of roads in a transport environment

    Papers: 132

  • 1992 - Perth

    Keynote Speakers: John Wootton (Chief, Transport Research Laboratory, UK), IVHS – an international perspective

    Papers: 130

  • 1994 - Gold Coast

    Keynote Speakers: Lachlan McIntosh (Aust. Automobile Association), Contribution of land transport to the economy

    Papers: 141

  • 1996 - Christchurch

    Keynote Speakers: Robin Dunlop (GM, Transit New Zealand), Management of a roading system

    Titled ‘ROADS 96’ & combined with Transit NZ Land Transport Symposium

    Papers: 163

  • 1998 - Sydney

    Keynote Speakers: Ron Christie (CEO, Olympic Roads & Transport Authority), Transport for the Olympic Games

    Papers: 131

  • 2001 - Melbourne

    Keynote Speakers: Robin Batterham (Chief Scientist, Commonwealth of Australia), Managing transport assets

    Papers: 109

  • 2003 - Cairns

    Keynote Speakers: George George (DG, Malaysian Highway Authority), Road network management – Malaysia

    Combined with 11th REAAA Conference

    Papers: 216

  • 2006 - Canberra

    Keynote Speakers: Maxwell Lay (Director, ConnectEast), Research into practice

    Papers: 157

  • 2008 - Adelaide

    Keynote Speakers: Matthew Cuthbertson (CEO Auto CResC), Research collaboration – a vital competitive edge

    Papers: 110

  • 2010 - Melbourne

    Keynote Speakers: His Excellency Dr Kenneth Michael, AC, Governor of Western Australia,
    Building on 50 years of road and transport research

    Papers: 132

  • 2012 - Perth

    Keynote Speakers: Mr Menno Henneveld, Managing Director, Main Roads & Mr Steve Phillips, Secretary General of the Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories (FEHRL)
    Shaping the future: Linking research, policy and outcomes

    Papers: 111

  • 2014 - Sydney

    Keynote Speakers: Mr Les Wielinga - former Director General, Transport for New South Wales , Professor David Hensher - Director, Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies, The University of Sydney , Mr Mike Stapleton - Deputy Director-General, Infrastructure Management & Delivery, Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland Research Driving Efficiency

    Combined with 9th Austroads Bridge Conference: Bridges of the future

    Papers: 98

  • 2016 - Melbourne

    Keynote Speakers: Michel Masson CEO Infrastructure Victor & John Merritt CEO VicRoads - LINKING PEOPLE, PLACES & OPPORTUNITIES

    Combined with 38th Australasian Transportation Researchers’ Forum

    Papers: 88

  • 2018 - Brisbane

    Keynote Speakers: Anna Meares – Olympic Cyclist, Katherine Teh-White, global management consultancy Futureye, & Randy Iwasaki, Executive Director of Contra Costa USA.

    Papers: 48

    Combined with 8th Symposium on Pavement Surface Characteristics: SURF 2018.

    Papers: 30

  • 2023 - Melbourne

    Keynote Speakers: Simon Kuestenmacher, Director (The Demographics Group), Professor Gordon Cable AM, Professor of Space Medicine (Australian National University College of Health and Medicine)

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