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Present at the NTRO International Technical Conference


Abstract submissions now open.

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What are we looking for?

Submissions of abstracts of potential papers are invited for consideration to be included as a 20-minute presentation in the conference program. 

The overarching theme of the conference is The Transport Revolution: Solutions Led by Innovation, a theme that looks at approaching challenges across the transport sector in the face of future uncertainties.

Submissions may cover national and/or international perspectives around this theme, with topics falling under one or more of the following sub-themes.

This is an incredible opportunity for you to share your significant achievements, innovative projects, case studies or advancements across transport in Australia and internationally.

The deadline for submissions is 31st August 2024

  • Topic 1
  • Topic 2
  • Topic 3
  • Topic 4
  • Topic 5
  • Topic 6

1. Sustainable Asset Performance

a. Measuring infrastructure

b. Innovative tools for better infrastructure outcomes

c. New Asset Modelling Outcomes – innovative materials are changing the world

2. Developing a National Transport Safety Culture

a. Changing User Behaviours

b. Safer User Experiences

c. Delivering the Step Change to Save Lives

3. Smart Mobility

a. What is the transport energy future

b. Radical mobility what will drive the change and where will it end up

c. Transport user choices

4. Structural Pavements and Materials Innovation

a. Next generation materials changing the future

b. Structural design innovations for horizontal infrastructure

c. Pavement performance for innovative loading

5. Decarbonising Transport Infrastructure

a. Reducing our Transport Carbon Footprint

b. Economic models that measure, guide and innovate

c. The crossover of Energy, Transport and Technology

6. Transport Governance for the Future

a. Meeting Community Expectations

b. Shaping our Transport Future

c. Skills needed for the Agencies of the future

The opportunity for abstract submissions of 300 - 400 words are open so express your interest today.  

Submissions must detail the following:

  • Paper/Presentation Title

  • General Topic (selected from one or more of five sub-themes - Asset Assurance, Agile Transport Futures, New And Emerging Materials, Drivers Of Innovation, Technology and Data - plus a special section for under-35 researchers Next Generation Researchers)

  • Author/Presenter Name, Job Title, Affiliation, and Corresponding Author Details (email and phone number)

  • Abstract (300 - 400 words)

April 2023: Review of all abstract submissions will have been undertaken, and applicants advised of acceptance by this date.

Wednesday 31st May 2023: Submission of a first draft of a conference paper will then be required by this date for technical review.

Monday 31st July 2023: Acceptances and conditions of acceptance will be issued by this date.

Friday 29th September 2023: Upon acceptance, authors will be supplied with the conference presentation template and required to submit their presentations by this date.

NOTE: Applicants who present at the conference must consent to the publication of their submitted paper in the NTRO conference proceedings.

Present at the NTRO International Technical Conference 2025

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